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Me, circa Fall 2000 Welcome to my humble little web site. Please forgive the simplistic format of my site. I don't use a fancy editor like FrontPage; I code all my HTML by hand.

I am a native of up-state (Rochester) New York, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona when I was 12. By that time I had already decided that if I never saw another flake of snow it would be just fine with me. Phoenix was a golden paradise compared to Rochester, and I learned to worship the sun and heat there. I love 100-degree weather!

After an aborted attempt to do the college thing at ASU, I moved to Massachusetts where I lived for 14 miserable years. I migrated to heavenly San Diego back in March 1998 and have been loving every nanosecond of life in SoCal! I always felt I should have been a California native, and now I am a resident. Woo hoo!

I have been a computer geek since I was 16, and I do software engineering for a living. Well, at least I used to. For 9 years I was a software engineer at a company called Vivid Technologies Inc. But as the 1990s came to a close, I realized my heart wasn't in it anymore. I decided it was time to change careers.

So, after four and a half years in Hollywood spent studying 3D animation, computer graphic arts, digital video, music theory, filmmaking, and digital visual effects, I became an Animation Technical Director at Digital Domain. I have the good fortune to make a living creating cutting-edge digital effects for television and film.