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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Links
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 The best Babylon 5 site on the web.
Tolkien FAQ A great site with lots of Middle-earth information.
The Lord of the Rings Home Page A new website dedicated to the greatest fantasy epic of our time. This site does not appear to be up and running yet. Bummer!
The Lord of the Rings Movie Q&A Keep up with the latest Q&A with director Peter Jackson (updated every 2-3 months) on his movie adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.
Dan Smith's Tengwar Page The best site I know of on Tolkien's languages. Fonts even!
Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts Lots of really terrific medieval and fantasy/sci-fi fonts.
Ain't It Cool News If you like fantasy/sci-fi movies, books, comic books, anime, and all that cool stuff, this is the place to go for news, reviews, and rumors.
Babylon Park The hilarious marriage of two great shows!

Babylon Park. Kickin' ass in outer space!