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Professional Association of Diving Instructors In 1998 I obtained my PADI Open Water Diving certification, and you can check out my online Dive Log. Here's a summary of some of the gear I have:

Zeagle Ranger BC

Zeagle Octo+ octopus

My BC is a Zeagle  Ranger with an Octo+ octopus and an additional vest pad installed. It is supremely comfortable, and with its integrated weight system, I don't have to wear a separate weight belt (I hate weight belts). It has a unique rip-cord weight release system that is derived from Zeagle's experience manufacturing sky-diving packs.
U.S. Divers Micra Adjustable regulator My regulator is a U.S. Divers  Micra Adjustable. I chose it more for its small size than for its adjustable properties. Just the same, the ability to fine tune the breathing resistance is very nice.
Dive Computer
U.S. Divers Pivot Matrix Master dive computer For my instrument console I chose a U.S. Divers  Pivot Matrix Master dive computer. It is essentially a standard console boot with an analog SPG, compass, and digital dive computer.

Friendly Tip: Don't forget to activate your dive computer before you descend! I thought I had activated it on one of my dives but I hadn't, and the Matrix Master won't activate while you are at depth. I had to use my dive buddy's (analog) depth guage for the whole dive!

Mares Plana Avanti Quattro fins My fins are Mares  Plana Avanti Quattro fins.
SeaQuest Ventura mask My mask is a SeaQuest  Ventura.
SeaQuest SideDraft Flex snorkel My snorkel is a SeaQuest  SideDraft Flex. Mine is black though, not green.
Dive Alert DA-2 air horn I have a number of accessories including:

Installed between the low-pressure inflator hose and the Octo+ octopus is a Dive Alert  DA-2 air horn. It is very loud and very effective at getting the boat's attention if you need assistance.

Not pictured are my Deep See diving knife, boots, and gloves, and a host of other widgets.

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